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Two sets of colourful aliens by MissNemesisFace
Two sets of colourful aliens
Here, we have the Space Goofs, a group of aliens that crash-landed on Earth and can't quite figure out how to return to their home-world. The show originated in France, I think, and I remember it only being on the air a short while in the USA (around 1997).

*Etno is the violet one and the leader. He often created inventions, but they often broke or didn't quite work as planned.

*Candy is the green, effeminate one. He is very up-tight and is a neat-freak.

*Stereo is the two-headed red one. He listens to music a lot and is a bookworm, but he seems to learn about things that don't really help the group. Though I did not know this until just recently, there was a second season, and he was cut from it. :(

*Bud is the tall orange one. He is lazy, dopey, and naive. He likes to spend a lot of his time watching TV and drinking pops.

*Gorgeous is the fat blue one. He is a bully and a glutton. He is also very greedy and grumpy and more aggressive.

--Beside them, we have the Nerdlucks, the adorable little aliens from Space Jam who later transmogrify themselves into the Monstars using the talents they stole from five NBA players in the 1996 film.

*Pound is the fat orange one in the green bow-tie. He is the leader of the group and tends to be a bit grouchy, bossy, and demanding.

*Nawt is the tiny red one with the yellow bow-tie. He doesn't seem to have much of a personality compared to the others, other than being cute, and being cute is not a personality. The wiki says that he is more hot-headed than the others, but I don't see it, personally.

*Blanko is the tall blue one with the pink bow-tie. He is dopey and laid-back, but seems to be the most kind-hearted of the five. I think he and Bud would get along well, no (though Bud would TOWER over him)?

*Bang is the green one with the orange bow-tie. He is the "second in command" and is aggressive, yet seems more nervous and anxious than the others.

*Bupkus is the stocky violet one with the yellow bow-tie. He is naive and cheerful and seems to have a hard time controlling his emotions.

Well, there we have it. The ten aliens I ADORED as a little girl.

The Space Goofs were created by and belong to Jean-Yves Raimbaud and Philippe Traversat
The Nerdlucks belong to Warner Brothers


MissNemesisFace's Profile Picture
United States
I'm 26 and a college student. I really don't enjoy college. It's not that I'm a bad student--on the contrary--I have maintained a 3.0+ GPA since I began four years ago. College is tiring for me. Boring, even. It is hard for me to "pick" a major, so I have "bounced around" from major to major for the past four years and spent three as an English major. Now, I'm a business major. It bores me to tears.

I am not much of an artist, per se, but I am creative and artistic in my own way. My skill lies with the written word instead of drawings, but I do like to sketch and cartoon. However, it doesn't mean that I cannot appreciate the fine works of art that I (sometimes) see on this site. Some of you are really fantastic artists and I am happy for you that you have such a talent. This is the primary reason I have this account--I have submitted little art, but I like looking at the art-works of others; admiring the hard-work put into their pieces. This account makes it possible for me to find art that I like much more easy than it would be otherwise. I am also a puppeteer and have performed some. I work with hand-puppets, and make them all myself. I have the patterns drawn up for a new one that I will begin work on some time. It is a female puppet and I call her "Boneka", which is Malay for "puppet". As with the Puppetmon puppet, I will post pictures of her as I work on her, so look forward to that.

I also enjoy doing dramatic readings of epic badfiction and have a Youtube channel dedicated to such.

A bit of a note: Despite being American (in truth, I've never left my home state), I prefer to spell things the "English way"--for instance, the word "colour" just looks wrong to me without the "u".

Though I am getting older (sometimes, I feel like a woman twice my age--such is arthritis), I am fond of "childish" things, like cartoons (though I have not had cable in 10+ years and really dislike television. My favourite television show is the American version of "The Office", though I also like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"). I am a big fan of Pokemon (have been since 1998--my favourite of the beasties is Hitmonchan) and I love Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02--but only in Japanese. I also play D&D and M:TG, though it has been a long time since I've played either of those.

I am fond of The Elder Scrolls series, The Fallout Series, The early Silent Hill series, the early Resident Evil series, and a number of other games. I grew up on Zelda and Final Fantasy.

The current picture isn't very accurate. I recently cut my hair off very short (over 14 inches of hair) and donated it to "Locks of Love". I'll get a new one up soon. Busy, busy, busy.

Current Residence: Kentucky

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Old Punk, Grunge, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Smooth Jazz, Folk, Soul. My favourite band is Radiohead.

Favourite style of art: cartooning, but I am very fond of landscapes and realistic portraits of real people and animals. I really admire people who can draw realistically. It is quite a talent.

Operating System: Windows 8

MP3 player of choice: My smart phone. I have a 16 gig micro SD card in there and have it loaded with music. I really do like my phone. It is an LG 800G, I believe. I am too lazy to be arsed to check.

Wallpaper of choice: Currently, I have a picture of derelict old farm-house. I love spooky old black and white photos of abandoned buildings. My wallpaper changes frequently, though.

Favourite cartoon character: Alucard of Hellsing (especially in Ultimate and the manga)

Personal Quote: "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die" - H. P. Lovecraft
I'm all full of Christmas ham right now and am going to post a derpy journal post about one or two idiotic ideas I've had for fanfictions.

Idiotic Idea the first:

They're at it again! The Nerdlucks have stolen talents; but this time from a band in order to win a contest against Bugs and some of the other Loony Tunes (I'm thinking Bugs on lead guitar/vocals, Daffy on Piano (really, watch Roger Rabbit. He kicks ass on piano), Porky on Bass guitar, Taz on Drums (what else would work for him? Drums are made for him), and Yosemite Sam on rhythm guitar (a lot of cowboys played guitar out on the range. Who's to say he doesn't?). They steal talents from a fictitious band calling themselves "Chemical Smile" (after a song by Everclear, by the way). So...

Pound steals the talent of the lead guitarist, a heavy-set Caucasian young man with dark hair and glasses named Dave Holtzclaw.
Bang steals the talent of the rhythm guitarist and back-up vocalist, a thin, blond white boy named Eli Collins.
Bupkus steals the talent of the Bassist, a Hispanic young man named Enqueue Gutierrez.
Blanko steals the talent of the Drummer, a tall, thin, long-haired, bespectacled Middle-Eastern young man named Nadir Haddad.
Nawt steals the talent of the Lead singer and keyboardist, a young Chinese woman named Charlie Huang who has an affinity for hats.

P'raps a vignette of the band coping with the sudden loss of their musical talents and perhaps sharing their experience with the NBA players (and Charlie getting a crush on Shawn Bradley, only to be told by Nadir "Dude, he's twice your age and, like, practically twice your height. Plus, I think he's married or something...")?

Idiotic Idea the second:

Each of the five Nerdlucks' backgrounds, told from their point of view. Their early lives, how they came to work at Moron Mountain, and other such things. That one will be somewhat darker. I feel that happy childhoods are the fakest thing in the world. Everyone's had it rough, and you are not a special snowflake.
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