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Bareaux - COLOURED by MissNemesisFace
Bareaux - COLOURED
Here is Bareaux, coloured. I imagine the shiny wearing a blue coat and the skeleton being grey instead of off-white.
Caryon - COLOURED by MissNemesisFace
This is Caryon, coloured. I imagine the shiny wearing dark green and the hair being orange.
Bareaux - Fakemon by MissNemesisFace
Bareaux - Fakemon
Another poorly-drawn fakemon! I didn't draw the legs and feet because I'm very bad at legs and feet.

It is called Bareaux (Pronounced like "Barrow", another word for "grave"--literally "a mound of earth or stones over the dead")
Evolves from Caryon at Night at level 35
Gender: Male 75%, Female 25%

"Bareaux wander cemeteries at night, tending to them. They often bury corpses to dig them up later."

Probably won't colour this one in, what with the legs and feet not being drawn in.


MissNemesisFace's Profile Picture
United States
I'm 25 and a college student. I really don't enjoy college. It's not that I'm a bad student--on the contrary--I have maintained a 3.0+ GPA since I began four years ago. College is tiring for me. Boring, even. It is hard for me to "pick" a major, so I have "bounced around" from major to major for the past four years and spent three as an English major. In truth, I'd love to quit college, go to flight-school, and become a pilot. I wanted to be a doctor as a child but as my health has deteriorated significantly, that's out of the question (plus, I really don't like other people very much at all and helping other people; at least, on a face-to-face basis is a very low priority and even a bit of an anathema). However, I love other cultures and would love to travel and have always wanted to learn to fly--in fact, when I was a teenager, I wanted to be in the US Air Force.

I am not much of an artist, per se, but I am creative and artistic in my own way. My skill lies with the written word instead of drawings, but I do like to sketch and cartoon. However, it doesn't mean that I cannot appreciate the fine works of art that I (sometimes) see on this site. Some of you are really fantastic artists and I am happy for you that you have such a talent. This is the primary reason I have this account--I have submitted little art, but I like looking at the art-works of others; admiring the hard-work put into their pieces. This account makes it possible for me to find art that I like much more easy than it would be otherwise. I am also a puppeteer and have performed some. I work with hand-puppets, and make them all myself. I have the patterns drawn up for a new one that I will begin work on this summer (2014). It is a female puppet and I call her "Boneka", which is Malay for "puppet". As with the Puppetmon puppet, I will post pictures of her as I work on her, so look forward to that.

I also enjoy doing dramatic readings of epic badfiction and have a Youtube channel dedicated to such.

A bit of a note: Despite being American (in truth, I've never left my home state), I prefer to spell things the "English way"--for instance, the word "colour" just looks wrong to me without the "u".

Though I am getting older (sometimes, I feel like a woman twice my age--such is arthritis), I am fond of "childish" things, like cartoons (though I have not had cable in 10+ years and really dislike television. My favourite television show is the American version of "The Office", though I also like "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"). I recently decided to watch children's movies as my parents never let me watch kids' movies growing up as they thought that kids' movies were stupid (I grew up watching "slasher" films), so over the summer of 2013, I watched all of the Shrek films, with the second being my favourite. I am a big fan of Pokemon (have been since 1998--my favourite of the beasties is Hitmonchan) and I love Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02--but only in Japanese. I also like to play the "old school" Yu-Gi-Oh! card-game (I stopped watching the anime after Yugi was no longer on the show. If anyone is curious, Weevil Underwood was my favourite character, followed closely by Bonz--likely because I too, love insects (and arachnids) and the undead). I also play D&D and M:TG, though it has been a long time since I've played either of those.

I am fond of The Elder Scrolls series, The Fallout Series, The early Silent Hill series, the early Resident Evil series, and a number of other games. I grew up on Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Current Residence: Kentucky

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Old Punk, Grunge, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Smooth Jazz, Folk, Soul. My favourite band is Radiohead.

Favourite style of art: cartooning, but I am very fond of landscapes and realistic portraits of real people and animals. I really admire people who can draw realistically. It is quite a talent.

Operating System: Windows 8

MP3 player of choice: My smart phone. I have a 16 gig micro SD card in there and have it loaded with music. I really do like my phone. It is an LG 800G, I believe. I am too lazy to be arsed to check.

Wallpaper of choice: Currently, I have a picture collage of screen-shots of Aloysius O'Hare from the 2012 film "The Lorax" as my wallpaper. He is my favourite character, next to "Marketing Employee Number Two". My wallpaper changes frequently, though.

Favourite cartoon character: Alucard of Hellsing (especially in Ultimate and the manga)

Personal Quote: "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die" - H. P. Lovecraft
Am I seriously the only person who loves "Marketing Guy #2" from The Lorax movie? The thin one with the glasses and moustache? I can find no fan-art of him. This saddens me. :(

Pity I can't draw my way out of a paper bag or I'd remedy that.

Also, too long of a story to post on here, but:…

Read it. It's therapy sessions of various people residing in Thneedville, even Once-ler! I like his chapter the best, so it's last (though you'd need to read all of them to get what Once-ler's talking about in his "treat" for the therapist at the end). it, if you want.

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